Swiss Sustainability Week – Photo Contest

Have you been to some spectacular destinations during the holidays?

Or you just happen to live in the most magical place on Earth?

Do you have some pictures that need to be shared with the world?

If your answer is yes don’t miss the chance to participate to the EC photo exhibit during the Swiss Sustainability Week!

This year’s theme is “Natural Habitats – Celebrate Diversity” and it is super easy to participate.

Send one picture, together with your details and a working email address to We will accept submissions from February 26th to March 9th at midnight. The pictures should not contain any man-made structures or be edited in any way.

The participants will have their photos displayed at the Graduate Institute in Kogler Hall on Thursday March 15th thorough the day and anyone can pick their favourites by casting their vote in a dedicated ballot box. That evening at 6:30 pm, the pictures will be moved to the Picciotto Common Room, where the final winners will be announced and will receive their awards.

As always, we will be waiting for you with snacks and drinks to relax and unwind after another long day!

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