Swiss Sustainability Week!

Next week the Environmental Committee is putting sustainability at the center of attention at The Graduate Institute!

Swiss Sustainability Week is a Swiss-wide effort to discuss and find solutions to environmental and sustainability issues. It is internationally acknowledged by the Clinton Global Initiative University and has received, among others, the International Sustainable Campus Network Award for Excellence in Student Leadership.

Check out all our upcoming events below, and we hope to see you participate in this Swiss-wide effort to promote sustainability in our daily lives!

Monday 12th March:

Scoop: Insect Tasting
12.00-13.30 in front of the cafeteria

SCOOP is back for the Spring semester with a few surprises! To take matters up a few notch on the excitement level, we bring to you an ‘insect tasting’. High in protein, insects come with a low carbon footprint and resource requirement.


Tuesday 13th March:

Movie Screening: An Inconvenient Sequel
18.00-20.00 @ A2

After a little bit more than a decade, Al Gore’s is following up on his documentary An Inconvenient Truth (2006) with the documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017). The sequel explores the progress made to tackle climate change by following Vice President Gore as he travels the world to persuade leaders to invest in renewable energy and to build an international coalition to confront the greatest challenge humanity is facing.


Scoop: Insect Tasting
12.00-13.30 in front of the cafeteria


Wednesday 14th March:

Bike Tour: To Local Markets of Geneva
14.30-17.00, Regstration Required

Are you interested by a nice bike ride while learning about local, fresh, second choice or in bulk products? –  Embark with us for a bike ride of some essential places in Geneva!
We will finish the tour with a local apero on us!

Follow the link above to find out more!​


Thursday 15th March:

Photo Contest and Exhibition
18.00 @ Picciotto Common Room

The EC brings to you a photo contest and exhibition on the theme “Natural Habitats – Celebrate Diversity”. The entries will be displayed in the Hall Kogler on 15th March, and judged on the basis of the votes received through a ballot voting. The most popular shots will be announced in the evening in the Picciotto Common Room, where the winners will receive their much-deserved prizes.

To participate, send your entries to 


Friday 16th March:

DIY Workshop with Apidae
10.00-11.30 @ Picciotto Common Room

Join us for this exclusive and free Do-It-Yourself workshop with the NGO Apidae and learn how to make skincare and cosmetic products with beeswax!
Spaces are limited to 30 people, so be sure to sign up with an email to


Panel Discussion: “The Private Sector and Sustainability: A New Way Forward?”
12.15-14.15 @ A1B

This event will discuss the role of the private sector in achieving sustainable development and investigate future trends in this field. With participation from exceptional guests from the private and public sector, we will investigate the role of multinationals, entrepreneurs and international organisations in the years to come.

Keynote Speech: Nikhil Seth, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General

Find out more about our other excellent speakers by following the link above!


Thursday 22nd March:

Movie Screening & Panel Discussion: “Chasing Ice”

18.15-20.15 @ S8

As an extension of the Swiss Sustainability Week, the EC presents to you the screening of the award-winning documentary ‘Chasing Ice’, followed by a panel discussion and wine reception. Stunning and powerful imagery, interesting panelists and free wine are guaranteed!
More information next week!

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