2019 EC snowshoeing trips

By Victoria Gonzalez

After such a great experience last year, the Environmental Committee decided to gear up again, break away from the overcast weather in Geneva, and get knee-deep in the snow on our winter snowshoeing trips! The activity was so popular that we divided the trip into two consecutive Saturdays. Those brave enough to fair such an early Saturday rise gathered promptly at Gare Cornavin. From there we took a train ride into the Jura Vaudois region to embark on our snowshoeing adventure through the upland valley slopes near the village of Saint Cergue.


There was not a fresh snowfall before our trips so the first Saturday group, or shall we say our pioneers, were advised to take on the trail without snowshoes. We were presented with the mystery of traversing a trail mixed with icy paths and fluffy, unconquered snow. This made it quite the adventure (and especially the workout) as we tried to navigate some fairly deep pockets of snow without proper equipment.


Luckily, those who went on the second Saturday trip were able to spend some time packing down the snow the right way, with full snowshoeing gear. The experience was even more fun since many of us were sporting snowshoes for the first time!


Nonetheless, both groups were able to bond and enjoy wandering through the alpine terrain. This was solidified when we reached the summit of our trail, which came with an incredible view of the Mont Blanc, as well as a great excuse to take a quick break from all that ‘shoeing. After taking in some views and snacks, we continued our journey, descending the trail back into the charming village center of Saint Cergue.


As we reached the center, we were all understandably tired and hungry. So, it was only fair that we indulge in the wonderful Swiss tradition of Fondue at the local restaurant, Maison de Ville. As we sat gathered around a large table next to the fireplace, we exchanged bread, cheese, wine, and laughs. There could not be a more perfect meal after a long day in the snow!


With our bellies full and our legs sore, we took the scenic train ride down towards Geneva and back to reality, but with great memories and experiences to share.

{Photos courtesy of Janine Furtado & Sergio Martinez}

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