Episode 1. Circular Economics and Sustainability Week Geneva

Being the first episode, instead of conducting a formal interview, the hosts, Olivier and Anna, decided to simply have a discussion amongst themselves in relation to this month’s topic: sustainability.

Since sustainability is such a broad theme, this month’s episode is centered around circular economics, an idea that is fascinating for its potentially transformative effect on the environment and local economy.

Circular economics is an alternative to the global order’s traditionally linear economic system where goods produced go through a linear process of extraction, consumption, and waste. In contrast, a circular economic system aims to redefine our economic model by embracing strategies such as reuse, repair and recycle.

With the emergence of a popular movement against capitalism and big business, more small businesses and local producers are appealing to eco-conscious consumers. But is it enough to make a positive impact?

In the second half of this episode, Olivier and Anna introduce the first guests of the season- Ana and Mondine, two students from the University of Geneva, who talk a bit about Sustainability Week Geneva, an event taking place March 9th-13th, but also all throughout Switzerland at numerous higher education institutions in order to empower young adults and to bring awareness to sustainability concerns.


Guests: Ana Riesen and Mondine Moeschler
Music Credits: Joseph McDade – Elevation

Sustainability Week Geneva Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sustainabilityweekgeneva/

Sustainability Week website: https://www.sustainabilityweek.ch/

Resources to be sustainable in Geneva

Sustainable Food 


One thought on “Episode 1. Circular Economics and Sustainability Week Geneva

  1. These guests are very intersting people! It is great to hear such passion from the mouths of such young girls!
    I hope they find the success they deserve in their lives


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