While SCOOP normally takes place once a week at the Graduate Institute, we’ve figured out another way to make the products available to you despite the current situation. Here’s all you need to know:

– Pick up: Picciotto Common Room
– Cash only (or TWINT)
– Message us on Instagram @environmental_committee or Facebook @IHEIDEC or email us at to make your order. We encourage you to bring your reusable containers 🙂  

Take a look at our products!

Walnuts: 3 CHF/100g
Lentils: 0.60 CHF/100g (SOLD OUT)
Pumpkin seeds: 3 CHF/100g
Dried apples: 4 CHF/100g
Dried plums: 5 CHF/100g
Dried pears: 4 CHF/100g

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