Episode 5. Sustainable Farming and Resilient Cities

Now more than ever, humans need to reconnect with one of the most personal aspects of our lives – our food. The plethora of fruits, vegetables, and meats that line the aisles of your local supermarket are products of our technologically advanced and globally connected modern world. But as urban centers welcome larger waves of residents each year, the population of faceless, highly-productive rural farmers and gardeners decreases concurrently.

In this episode, Anna and Olivier interviewed Chris Jones, a landscape architect who is opening urban farms in countries throughout the world. He hopes to place circularity and sustainable food systems at the heart of these areas, while also providing quality produce for all. The student contributor for this episode was Jarrod Suda, a Master’s student in International Affairs at IHEID, who added his personal insight on the topic after having done a summer of farming with four families and entrepreneurs across Switzerland.

Visit Chris Jones’ website Feeding Cities

Get more information on WWOOF (worldwide opportunities on organic farms)

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