Our resignation letter…jk

Dear wonderful EC friends,

What a year it has been! With all the bumps in the road, we still have much to feel proud of as we managed to make the most out of this unprecedented situation. When we embarked on this journey a year ago, we had no idea what would be in store for us. And man has it ever flown by. It is with heavy hearts that we have to close this chapter, but we are more than confident in the new elects to bring the EC to new heights. 

We can both attest to the fact that becoming involved in this committee has been one of our favourite parts of our Institute experience. It has allowed us to collaborate and learn alongside an extraordinarily passionate group of people and has presented us with opportunities that one could only dream of. 

Through this enriching experience we haven’t just been great partners, but we have also become the best of friends. We have learnt to lean on each other for support and to uplift one another through our shared passion for environmental issues. And from spending an infinite number of hours together we have slowly morphed into the same person. 

Wrapping up this year, we can’t help but reminisce about “our first day on the job”, and how excited we were to be part of a community of people who want to do truly good work for our school community, Geneva neighbors and beyond. Our term has been guided by the amazing support of so many fellow students; 

Firstly, thanks to Spencer and Nina, who came before us. They inspired us so much with their leadership and gave us the confidence to take on the most fun and challenging journeys. To other upper year students like Paloma, Annika and Ted who stuck by the committee and provided advice and contagious enthusiasm. And Finn for entertaining Benoit’s antics and knowing the value of free food. 

To our lovely board, Pauline, Surabhi and Simran for being so diligent in your work and so passionate about what we stand for. You were the best team anyone could ask for!

To Sarah for being the best chickpea scooper and our designated German translator. Without you we wouldn’t have had our dried apples on Tuesdays. 

Maja, for running our trips like a true girl scout! 

And Olivier for being the second best podcast host. 

Pablo, Raissa and Priscilla for being better judges that Simon Cowell and Judge Judy combined. 

To Mauricio for showing up to meetings just to bond over your love of chips with Anna. 

And Jarrod for taking up a love of gardening and then taking it elsewhere… The Swiss sheep appreciate you, our community garden does not. 😉

For Delphine for writing a mic dropping, crowd stopping introduction to a fricken UN publication yall. 

To Kavya and Carmen for planning the best Sustainability Week of our dreams…literally. 

Claire, for taking on the cafeteria relations… that speaks for itself.  

Kory, for being the cutest spokesperson for our Peace Week, and supporting Zani on her quest to make “pract-eco” a thing. 

And to the countless other EC members who make this community what it is. Although our mission to attain greater sustainability on campus is far from over – we have made many strides together and have built a family bonded over a love for the colour green. 

Alas, with the blink of an eye, it’s now our turn to pass on the baton, and this is our cheesy goodbye letter. Hugo and Ryan, we’re so looking forward to seeing you make these positions your own, and bringing your ever positive and radiant energy to the committee. 

And for the sake of saying it one last time, may the forest be with you. 


Zaninka and Anna 

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