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SW22: A Day Long Career (Af)fair

By Tanvee Kanaujia Repost from The Graduate Press. The Sustainability Career Fair took place virtually on 24 March 2022 from 09:00 to 18:00, as part of Sustainability Week (SW) Geneva, organized by the Graduate Institute and the University of Geneva. Medha Manish and I, representing the Environmental Committee, worked closely with Career Services for overContinue reading “SW22: A Day Long Career (Af)fair”

SW22: Last on the bandwagon, first on the high horse

By Kyle Lynch Repost from The Graduate Press. On Tuesday, organizers from Sustainability Week Geneva hosted a panel discussion on brand activism. Representatives from LUSH and Proctor and Gamble (P&G) introduced their campaigns to stand on various social issues. One salient theme discussed was that a brand’s first step towards activism is choosing to “doContinue reading “SW22: Last on the bandwagon, first on the high horse”

Geneva Peace Week 2021: Creating a Climate for Collaboration

By Mariam Kerfai Repost from The Graduate Press. The fourth day of the Geneva Peace Week (GPW) followed the thematic track of ‘Creating a Climate for Collaboration: Ways Forward for Environment, Climate Change, and Peace.’ I had the opportunity to attend two virtual workshops. The first, “Climate Change and Security in Somalia: A Practitioner’s Perspective”Continue reading “Geneva Peace Week 2021: Creating a Climate for Collaboration”

Starting the discussion: Is net zero missing the mark?

By Anna Ploeg Photography by Tania Malréchauffé The urgency to tackle climate change is rising, thereby marking this years’ COP26 in Glasgow as a “make or break year”. Combined with interrelated challenges put forth by the health pandemic, accelerating biodiversity loss and unprecedented natural disasters, countries must rise to the occasion and embrace their longContinue reading “Starting the discussion: Is net zero missing the mark?”

A Non-Dairy Milk Review

by Zaninka Ntagungira Title photo from Canva by Natalia Klenova Hi friends! So sorry for the tease with this infamous nut milk review. But here it is finally, the review no one asked for until I started talking about it incessantly 😉Disclaimer: I refuse to write it ‘mylk’. If it triggers you, sue me :p Continue reading “A Non-Dairy Milk Review”

Bloody Health – an Ad for a Sustainable Pad

By Sonja Plüss Photos by Vulvani – Somewhere along the quest of living a sustainable and healthy life, everyone with periods should consider their sanitary products. Conventional sanitary products contain a lot of synthetic material, glues and toxins. Furthermore they are use-and-throw products creating large amounts of waste. While in Switzerland this waste isContinue reading “Bloody Health – an Ad for a Sustainable Pad”


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