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Giving the floor to our community… 

Could you tell us something about the most engaging activity you took part in during this Spring semester? 

From A Conversation with Jean-Claude Vignoli, the visit to the IUCN, and more, there were so many great activities! Sustainability Week, especially, was interesting as I met professionals working in environmental affairs and experienced the power of cinema in addressing the interactions between humans and nature.
– Eunsong

An event that stood out to me was the “Interactions: When Cinema Looks to Nature” film screening. The format of having various short films exploring human society’s relationship to nature through different formats and lenses was incredibly interesting. It’s one thing to think about this relationship in class, but it’s a completely different thing seeing how filmmakers and producers interpret the relationship through visual storytelling. It was very thought-provoking, and the conversations we had interpreting the films afterwards at the happy hour was the perfect way to end the evening.

How do you think the EC contributes to raising awareness about the current environmental crisis in the Institute?

I think the EC plays a really unique role in highlighting a breadth of different issues on the environment, rather than just focusing on the challenges that are most well-known, or already attract a lot of attention. For example in the Geneva Sustainability Week, the EC organised some very interesting but different events, such as visit a waste management facility, and insect tasting!
I like EC events because they often bring in experts from the community who are involved with environmental issues and advocacy. In that way, EC events are a great bridge from the theoretical elements of studies to the practical issues and concerns associated with environmental changes.
The EC contributes to raising awareness about the current environmental crisis in a variety of ways. Regular conferences with some of the world’s leading experts and actors in climate science help deepen understanding of the causes of climate change. However, the EC’s activities extend beyond the walls of the Institute. Field trips allow participants to see firsthand some of the solutions to climate change.

On a more positive note, do you feel like the EC is also empowering students by giving them hope and ways to become more sustainable in their daily habits/ career/ discourses etc?

I think by organising a diverse range of events, the EC helps make these issues in sustainability more accessible, and also relatable in the day to day lives of us as students!
Yes I felt inspired by the potential ways I could contribute to climate work during a trip the EC organized to the IUCN. It was amazing to learn from individuals involved with developing biodiversity protection projects which we learn about in classes. I was also energized to learn about potential career prospects and by the potential to get involved in IUCN’s work.
Absolutely! Being part of a community that cares about our planet and is determined to do something about its destruction is encouraging. It motivates me to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Thank you for sharing your perspectives!
April 2023

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