La Manivelle

You can rent your camping equipment (and so much more) for free from La Manivelle!

In an effort to enhance sustainability and encourage you all to enjoy the great outdoors without breaking the bank on new equipment, we’ve invested in a year membership with La Manivelle – a cooperative that rents sporting equipment, trekking gear, tools and so much more! This membership makes the EC a cooperator in La Manivelle and we’re honored to be a part of such an innovative initiative. Because we’re offering this to all Institute students, we ask that only one person per group/trip reserves, that way other people can take advantage of this opportunity as well.

You can find them at 87, Chemin des Sports | 1203 Genève, Suisse.

This is how it works: 

  • Create an account on 
  • Let us know at
  • We will tell La Manivelle to validate your account. 
  • Once your account is validated, you can start borrowing for free! 

You can also go in person with your student ID, open your account there (your IHEID ID will validate that you can use the EC’s membership) and start borrowing directly !

Since certain items are in high demand, we advise you to reserve in advance (check out their inventory on their website). 

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