At Materiuum, you find any equipment and furniture that you would need for your apartment – and for very very cheap! 

The EC strongly supports circular economy in Geneva and Materiuum is exactly what we are looking for during a house move or to tinker and make our apartment cosier (#DIY). From nails to light bulbs and wooden frames, Materiuum’s purpose is to extend the life of materials before incineration and instead recycle, re-use and re-employ.

You can find them in the same building as La Manvielle (87, Chemin des Sports | 1203 Genève, Suisse).

If you want to have a look, receive some advice for your DIY idea, or buy second-hand materials, go to Materiuum in person with your student ID and mention that you are a member of the GISA Environmental Committee. Don’t forget to send us some photos of your DIY!

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