Geneva pract-eco guide 2020

Whether you’ve freshly arrived in Geneva or are already a seasoned Institute-goer, the EC’s got you covered for a practically ecological (short: pract-eco) start to the fall semester! Lovingly crafted by our president Zaninka Ntagungira with precious help from vice-president Anna Ploeg and EC member Kory Barras, this brand new guide contains everything you need.

Annual Report 2019

For a summary of our projects and activities of 2019, have a look at our annual report prepared by Spencer Williams, our 2019 president!

170 actions to combat climate change

During the school year 2019/2020, the Environmental Committee has partnered up with the Perception Change Project at the UN Geneva to create a brochure for the organization’s 170 series. This brochure proposes a list of 170 environmentally sustainable actions (10 for each of 17 SDGs) to help mitigate risks of climate change. After extensive reviewing, editing and graphic designing, we are proud to make our brochure available to the world! It can also be consulted on the UN Geneva’s website HERE.

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