The Ecologist: An Environmental Committee Podcast

A podcast by the Environmental Committee, co-hosted by Olivier Flamand-Lapointe & Anna Ploeg

As a part of the Institute’s new Podcasting Initiative, a team from the EC are creating an environmental related segment. Once a month, we will be releasing an English or a French episode where we will be discussing new fascinating topics in relation to environmental issues such as sustainability, urban farming, biodiversity, and other thought provoking subjects such as the impact of a vegan versus vegetarian diet. We will also explore how our individual actions impact the environment and ways in which we can change our habits to become more eco friendly.

While answering the environmental related question of the month, the co-hosts will interview a practitioner in the field, an entrepreneur or a professor to try to gain insight into said issue or topic of discussion. At the end of each episode, we hope to inspire listeners and to get them involved by taking part in our monthly sustainability challenge.

Listen to our episodes here!

Want to suggest a topic for a future episode? Drop us a message at !

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