Who We Are

The Environmental Committee relies heavily on both its leadership and members to fulfil its important mission to:

  • Promote environmental protection and sustainable development at the Institute.
  • Raise awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues among students, administration, staff and faculty.
  • Promote healthy, environmentally-friendly and sustainable policies within the Institute.

The nitty-gritty of how we function and what duties we assume can be read in our statutes.

The Committee is comprised of members with a specific function, i.e. the Leadership, which includes the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, Social Media and Communications Coordinators, and finally a Representaitve to the “Comité de Développement Durable” and to the “Commission de Développement Durable”.

Equally important are the members involved in Environmental Committee activities, events and/or issue-based working groups. These include the Coordinators of EC projects and cooperatives like SCOOP, Save the Food and more.

Members of the Environmental Committee October 2020

The 2021 Leadership of the Environmental Committee includes:

  • Hugo Brandam / President
  • Ryan Maia / Vice-President


  • Annia Costermani
  • Ryan Maia

Communications Team:

  • Iida Lehto / Communications Director
  • Sonja Plüss / Website Manager
  • Arveen Sodhi / Design Specialist
  • Gaia Grasselli / Design Specialist
  • Monideepa Mukherjee / Social Media Coordinator

Events Team: 

  • Catherine Puga
  • Tobias Drilling
  • Lucile Mougeat
  • Khaliun Purevsuren  

Comité (et Commission) de développement durable:

  • Hugo Brandam / Project Lead
  • Ralitza Naydenova / Recycling
  • Clara Danbakli / Cafeteria Relations